How do I wash my socks?

Excellent question, if you are using a washing machine be sure to turn socks inside out and to wash on a gentle cycle. Use only warm water (30ºC/ 86ºF), and do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals. Alternatively, a trip to mothers house may be necessary. 


Will my socks shrink in the wash?

Following the instructions of the previous question, your socks should stay perfectly healthy. However, washing in hot water will matte the fibres and cause your sock to shrink and wear out far more rapidly. Woollen socks (found in the Arctic) must only be washed on cold water and laid out flat to dry.


How to remove bacteria, fungus, and/or foot odour from my cool socks?

Soak socks in a warm water and white vinegar solution consisting of 1 cup of vinegar to every 8 cups of water. Let socks soak for 30 minutes, then continue washing process as normal.


Should I tumble dry my socks?

 No, dude. No. Just hang them on a washing line or lay them flat to dry. Please do not iron or dry clean socks to ensure longevity.